01.07.2010 to 24.07.2010

The Stranger's Eye presents four artists who, in various ways, utilise the photographic view of the urban environment to explore the liminal spaces of public and private, the visible and the invisible, and notions of place in terms of inhabitation and homelessness, alienation and strangeness. In lived cities and in those that are inhabited temporarily, the stranger's eye is one that lies between that of the flâneur and that of the spectator or tourist -- seeing the 'out of place', the strange and odd. These photographs utilise modes of the documentary and photographic construction to present the urban landscape from Sydney and Melbourne to Berlin, London and Seoul as dis-placed, alien, odd, sinister and strange. Curated by Donna West Brett. Artists: Yvonne Boag, Richard Glover, Tom Loveday and Anne Zahalka